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Improve Your Smile Confidence
with Modern Dentures

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Dentures Will Help You Smile Again

If you’re missing teeth, perhaps you never considered dentures because you were worried they would be uncomfortable and it would be obvious you were wearing them. For some reason, when many people hear the word dentures, they picture false teeth sitting in a tall clear glass on their grandma’s nightstand or even George Washington’s famously ill-fitting dentures! Thanks to advances in dental technology, great strides have been made in the art and science of denture making. Innovations such as implant supported dentures and 3D printing have led to far better aesthetic and functional outcomes. With that said, the quality of dentures varies greatly and is largely dependent on a practitioner’s restorative dental skills and technology. If you’re looking for an affordable denture near you, we offer traditional complete and partial dentures in Rapid City, SD. For either of these options, we suggest getting a reline at Carpenter Dental a minimum of every two years to reshape the underside of the denture. This is done to address changes that can occur to the underlying soft and hard tissue and ensure your dentures continue to fit comfortably against your gums. When you receive dentures from Dr. Carpenter, you’ll experience a boost in smile function and confidence and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Change Your Smile and Life with Cost-Effective Dentures

At Carpenter Dental, we determine the most optimal type of denture for you based on how many teeth you’re missing, your personal preference and budget. During your comprehensive consultation, Dr. Carpenter will discuss potential choices and recommend a cost-effective solution that offers the greatest functional and cosmetic improvements. We’re in network with several insurance carriers, offer highly competitive prices and third-party financing to make getting top-quality dentures in Rapid City, S an attainable dream.

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Complete Dentures

If you’ve lost many or most of your teeth, complete dentures in Rapid City, SD are a great option for transforming your smile beauty and restoring your oral function and confidence! Complete or full dentures consist of color-matched prosthetic teeth placed into a gum-colored acrylic base. We typically wait eight to 12 weeks after your teeth have been extracted to take impressions and create this type of denture.

Immediate denture Upper

Immediate Dentures

If you qualify for immediate dentures, you can receive one right after remaining teeth have been extracted. To make this possible, we take measurements and make models of your upper and lower arches during a preliminary visit. An immediate denture typically doesn’t fit as precisely as a conventional denture because it takes six to eight weeks to heal following extraction. After shrinkage of the underlying bone has occurred (about six months following extractions), an immediate denture must be relined or replaced with a new denture.

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Partial Dentures

If you’re only missing a handful of teeth, a partial denture in Rapid City, SD may be the perfect solution to fill in these gaps. This type of denture features the same kind of false teeth as a complete denture, but the prosthetic attaches to natural teeth with discreet metal or acrylic clasps. If you’re looking for an affordable denture near you, a partial denture in combination with dental crowns can provide more seamless aesthetics.

Models of removable implant dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are held in place by dental implants, so they eliminate slippage and stress on your gums, don’t require adhesive to stay in place and enable eating all the foods you love. Most importantly, because the implants replace your missing natural tooth roots, the underlying bone is stimulated when you chew so it stays healthy. This also helps prevent undesirable facial changes that sometimes can occur with traditional dentures. Dr. Carpenter will help you decide if removable or fixed implant supported dentures better suit your oral health needs and lifestyle.

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Customized Dentures
for Your Smile Needs

At Carpenter Dental, we offer customized dentures that are affordable, high quality and durable. The first step is to take a series of digital impressions of your jaw ridge and oral tissues. We send these to a designated dental lab where skilled technicians carefully handcraft new dentures that look and feel like natural teeth and gums. During this process, you may need to schedule a short appointment for a wax try-in to verify proper fit. Once this highly customized process is complete, you’ll return for a final fitting and walk out with a complete, renewed and beautiful new smile! Although it may take a few weeks to adjust to wearing your new dentures, you’ll soon discover they provide many benefits.

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The Benefits of Dentures

  • Restored oral function (chewing and biting)
  • Improved smile aesthetics
  • Decreased risk of decay and shifting (in remaining teeth)
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved speech and enunciation