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Welcome To Carpenter Dental!

At Carpenter Dental, we want to make your first dental appointment as smooth and convenient as possible. Our goal is to get to know you and establish a long-term relationship as your Dentist.

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What To Expect From Your First Visit

When you arrive, one of our knowledgeable and caring team members will greet and welcome you to our office.

To help expedite your check-in, please fill out our

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Office Tour

Upon completion of your new patient paperwork, we will take you on a tour of our state-of-the-art dental facility and discuss our approach to your dental health.

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Digital X-Rays

After the tour, we will take photographs of your teeth and a 3D X-Ray of your teeth, jaws, and airway. Our 3D X-Ray technology is among the best available in the industry and emits the lowest and safest radiation levels possible. It not only provides images of your teeth, but also allows us to detect potentially impacted teeth, sinus conditions, and lesions or fractures in the jaw. If you happen to have current and diagnostic X-rays available, we can avoid taking new ones for your convenience and care.

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Using your photos and x-rays, your dentist will conduct a comprehensive dental exam. We pride ourselves in providing one of the most thorough dental exams possible. Our comprehensive dental exam focuses on three parts: a dental and periodontal examination, a cavity risk assessment, and an oral cancer screening. Our cavity risk assessment will target your risk factors, which will help us design a specific preventative plan to combat potential dental issues in the future. Our complete periodontal exam allows us to check the condition and health of your gums and track changes at future appointments. As part of our comprehensive exam, we also conduct an oral cancer screening of head, neck, and mouth to detect any potential abnormalities.

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Following the exam, your dentist will discuss your overall dental health and treatment options. Our goal is to understand your needs and concerns, and tailor a customized plan. We also understand there are financial considerations and we strive to maximize your dental insurance benefit, while still providing the best in your clinical care. We encourage you to ask any questions or concerns that you may have during your visit.