5 stars

Dr. Carpenter and his staff are great at what they do! I came to their office several years ago needing emergency dental care. From that first visit and to this day, they treat me with the utmost respect. They don't make me feel ashamed about my teeth, are always upfront about costs and willing to work around finances, as well as making me very comfortable in the chair. For me, I feel like the numbing before a procedure is the worst part, but Dr. Carpenter always does such a great job at this! I never feel that painful pinch/ pressure. I usually find myself surprised that he's done. I love how their staff are so good at patient care and clean up during the procedures as well! I never feel like I'm choking or drowning during a filling, etc. The hygienists do such a wonderful job cleaning my teeth and recommending ways to improve my dental hygiene. Plus, they always have yummy flavors. I would recommend Dr. Carpenter and his team to anybody needing dental care.

Shannon H

5 stars

Most professional and well trained staff I've been to, I had a great experience. The building is appealing to the eye and very clean, and has a pretty simple layout. They are all kind and very curious people, I highly recommend this establishment to anyone, no matter the age.

Layne L

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