The most common question we get from parents about their children’s dental care is when should we bring them in? Early visits can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.  Here at Carpenter Dental we usually advise parents to consider a visit by age 2. Often this is a “happy visit” where the child can get aquainted with the office in a non threatening manner and we get to discuss with the parents about when to brush, diet and other kids dental issues.

Dr. Carpenter will be able to detect early decay if children are brought in for a visit at a younger age. Baby teeth are necessary not only for appearance, eating and smiling, but also serve to hold spaces for developing permanent teeth. In addition, baby teeth play a role in the development of speech.

The most common dental decay problem seen in infants and younger children is nursing decay. Dental decay can affect baby teeth extensively. Teeth normally affected are the top front teeth. The back teeth in top and bottom may also be affected. Bottle and breast-fed babies are both susceptible.

Babies left with a bottle as a pacifier and those who are frequently nursed, especially at night, run the danger of bottle or nursing decay due to the prolonged exposure to milk (human milk is no exception) or juice.