Here at Carpenter Dental our patients vary greatly in the amount of care they require or desire. Some dental patients require only routine check ups and cleanings while others are candidates for a wide range of other services.

When a patient is a candidate for dental treatment, the first thing Dr. Carpenter does is to discuss and listen. If options are available, they are explained often times using pictures or X rays.

Flexible Payment Options

At Carpenter Dental we will work within your budget if your case requires a more complex treatment plan. We offer Care Credit, which allows for monthly payments to be made over a period of time.

Insurance Filing

If you have dental insurance, we will help you to understand your insurance policy as best we can.  As a courtesy to you we will file all your claims for you and attempt to answer any questions about your insurance that you may have. Dental insurance often times helps to offset the costs of basic care but usually does not cover more comprehensive care.